Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day + 13 and a cute video!!!

Day thirteen was a little "ground hog" dayish!!!
The doctors came in the morning and said everything was good. There are concerns with the CMV levels and his legs, which they xrayed today. Nothing showed up abnormal in the xray, while this doesn't explain the pains, it means nothing major is wrong, so no concerns or extra medical intervention required.
Adam is still eating very well and is on very little pain relieve. This is amaizing in itself!!

He received  a parcel from Childhood Cancer association in South Australia that contained a couple of fantastic Christmas presents. They where wrapped in bubble wrap and we had a bit of fun with it - as you can see below in the video..

As Christmas gallops towards us we thank you for your continued Prayers and messages.


  1. Hi Adam - I think you have started a new craze. You will give the "Tap Dogs" a run for their money. Great recording Dad. Lovely to see how you can make something so simple fun. (But you have always been a master of fun). Love Lesley

  2. Hi Adam. What a terrific blog you've got here. Well done to you and your parents.

    Just wanted to tell you how your brother Matthew blew many adults away with his Year 7 Graduation speech a few weeks ago (sorry it's taken so long to write this). It was sensational. Ask him to read it to you (he's probably memorised anyhow) when you speak to him on Skype. Matthew looked stunning in his suit and tie. I hope you have seen a photo. It was an excellent night and all the Graduates enjoyed themselves we think! The teachers were very proud of them and their speeches.

    I've been thinking of you while I've been on holidays and am sending all my healthiest and best wishes to you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Ms. Willson (Paula)