Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Plus 5

Day five has seen his temperature drop slightly.
He has also started to brighten up a little which has been nice to see.
He had a top up of platelets today and red cells yesterday.
The feed down his tube is dripping through slowly following last night’s dramas. He was getting 10 mls an hour last night but was chucking it up every couple of hours. They put it down to 5mls an hour which has helped, but unfortunately he suffered from diarrhoea through the night. He had multiple bed changes and was very tired (as was Marian) this morning.
Through today he still has diarrhoea but has been better able to deal with it.
He still has four pumps and lines plugged into his 2 line CVC (see photo). The management of all his medications is quite amazing, the nurses are very efficient.

Adam this morning catching up on zzz’s

His four pumps

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