Monday, December 13, 2010

Yukky Day.

Adam didn’t have a good day today
He had his tube done today. They inserted a nasal gastric tube to help feed nutrients to him as he is not eating as well as his body needs
He doesn’t seem like it is going to do much anymore today. He slept for most of the day and is upset at the process so it is better he rests.
The Phenergan didn’t work as we planned it to. He remembered most bits of it but didn’t remember his dressing change.

We have also just had a spike in temperature – 38.8.
He is getting antibiotics straight away and paracetamol to help maintain the temp down.
This isn’t capping of the day well!!


  1. Hey guys. Not a good development. Thinking of you all and sending up lots of prayers.
    Hang in there Adam...
    The Seagers

  2. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all....thinking of you every day!!
    Michelle, Tim and Tom xxx

  3. Hi guys, hope things are getting better, thought we better join the blog as the kids like to see the photos not just read the emails Adam sends home. Tiffany really liked the story about the alarm hahaha. We are all thinking of you. Adam, Joshua, Tiffany and Ana.