Monday, March 28, 2011

Day + 108 - Home sweet home

It is so nice being home and we have just been enjoying quality family time, hence posting on the blog has fallen behind! Sorry, sorry, sorry!

What have we been up to?? Adam has been enjoying getting back into some normal activities, like his usual household jobs, such as emptying the recycling, setting the table and emptying the dishwasher. This has been great for smooth family dynamics and nice to see Adam coming out of 'patient' mode. We have been on a family bike ride every saturday, not a long way, but a good ride. Adam has managed these well and we have all enjoyed getting out and about together. It is easier for Adam to ride than to walk, as you can ride sitting down!!! School work is back on the agenda a bit more consistently, with work from the hospital school and soon some work from Adam's class this year. It all takes a bit of time to get organised and into a routine.

We have had a few visitors too, which has been fun. Adam is itching for more visitors, but we are a bit tentative, understandably, and want to spend quality time with those people who can visit. Slowly, slowly and lots of patience required.

We have enjoyed getting back to our usual 'homely' clinic at the hospital and catching up with all the fantastic staff and our wonderful specialist. Generally, things continue to go well with Adam's progress. The steroids are slowly bing decreased, so soon (in a couple of weeks) the immune suppressing drugs can be decreased also and we can move towards the 'non-isolation' phase. His liver, chest/lungs and skin are behaving. We are praying for this to continue, so the above transition runs smoothly. Decreasing the steroids will be helpful for the family food budget too!

It is nice to be home for so many reasons. The dog is enjoying having Adam home as well !!!

Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes, keep them coming. I will try and post more often!!!!
Love the McAllisters

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  1. Hi guys, so happy to see you all home together and things going well. I'm on the steriods too at the moment, they are just awful , make you so hungry, moody,keep you i can relate to u on that very small part. keep going strong. love you lots