Thursday, December 9, 2010

TBI and preconditioning finished

Wow, Adam has come to the end of his pre-conditioning treatment! Yippee!
Three days of Total Body Irradiation was an experience. Adam did really well, he was a champion, letting the radiotherapy team do their job "packing him up" (see photo's) ready to treat and then staying still for the 45 minutes of radiation. He managed all 6 treatments very well and only had challenging side effects on the evening of the first day.
It is great to have this phase of the treatment over and I think Adam has been a bit excited today. He has been feeling ok and giving all the staff plenty of cheek. He also managed to send the emergency alarm off in his room by shooting it with his nerf gun! He says he was aiming for the nurse call button, just below it then.....oops. I dashed across the room to turn it off as a cast of nurses decended. His nurse just said "Don't do that again Adam!" Probably not the first time it has gone off by accident..... or the last. I then drew a target on the window and white board, away from the call button!!

 The radiation machine, they sort of aim it at you!!

Legs all packed in so that he was a solid mass and TV set up to watch, he even managed a little sleep this morning, amazing the power of prayer...... Thank you everyone!

Tomorrow is transplant day, very exciting and Dad will arrive too. Adam and I are looking forward to all of this. More photos!

Thanks again for your continued love and prayers.............Adam and Marian


  1. What a brave little man you are Adam.

    Sending much love and thoughts

    Fi, Pat, Lachie & Olivia xoxox

  2. hello Adam its Caitlin from school your soo brave. x