Friday, December 10, 2010

Transplant Day.....

After conditioning over the last eight days, we finally arrived at day zero. December 10th, 2010.
Darren arrived in time to see the process which was really great.
With four nurses to ensure the procedure was done to the book, Adam received his life saving donation.

Adam did really well with the transplant and has had an afternoon sleep which is really nice. He has worked so hard mentally over the last few days and it was great to see him relax a little.

We now wait for the cord blood stem cells to en graph, which could be weeks away. So lots of waiting and praying that he stays "bug free".

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  1. so glad that this day has arrived. adam you are a champion for going through this. Mum you are a champion for being his coach! May the cells do what they have to do, AND QUICKLY. Darren - glad you are able to be there. Hope you like the room colour! THE GARDNERS