Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day +79 and alot brighter

Why am I brighter ??? Well I would like to say it is because we have a date to go home, but unfortunately no, but the next best thing. On Friday night Adam and I got a surprise visitor at our door ........

It was the best surprise ever, just what I needed to regain some strength to see through the rest of our time here in Sydney. This came on top of some good news on Friday from the specialists in the hospital re Adam's chest. It looks like he has just got some asthma in response to whatever viral infection he may have had a few weeks ago. So there is nothing more sinister going in his chest, which is great news.

We had a lovely weekend with Darren. We finished another, much easier, puzzle and visited Watson's Bay, again (we love it!) and even managed to go out for dinner at a nice restaurant with an outdoor dining area at Coogee (Adam's highlight for the weekend).

Adam's liver enzymes remain a concern, but maybe with the chest resolved we are a bit closer to being able to come home???
Thanks for your continued prayers they really help.
Marian and Co.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day +76 and dreaming of home.

Well, making the most of it is wearing a bit thin!!! I think we have seen enough now and would like to come home!!! However, apparently Adam's liver and chest want to be here a bit longer and he unfortunately has no control over them!

We have had some nice days since the last blog though ,as one of my good friends came to stay with us last weekend, which helped to fill our days and gave us the opportunity to revisit some favourite spots along the coast. She also helped us finish the 1000 piece puzzle we started the other week (see below). It was also great for me to have some one to 'girl chat' with and clothes shop with !!! Just as well there are not too many clothes shops on Coogee Bay road.

However, days at the clinic have been rather long as we are now waiting on liver enzyme tests each day we go in, as these are not right. They are not seriously high, but we are praying for them to go back to normal. Adam has also got a persistent cough that has been causing us all a bit of grief. He is not feeling unwell, but the cough is not going away. This has resulted in an over night stay in emergency, and some other investigative tests, some of which we are yet to have. These are the things keeping us here.

Adam in clinic isolation room being a bit silly !

On the home front Darren is doing a fantastic job keeping Matthew and Alexander organised and they seem to be managing ok, but are also counting down the days to our return (although we are not sure when that will actually be!)
So please keep praying for some resolving of these issues as they are beginning to worry me!
Love Marian and Adam and the home crew

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day +67 and chugging along

Things are going ok here in Sydney and at home in Adelaide. Darren is doing a marvelous job managing home life and Alexander and Matthews routine. He is also getting lots of wonderful support from our family and church family, which is helping things run smoothly. Matthew is doing a smashing job of getting up and going off in the morning and seems to be doing ok at school so far. Alexander is loving being back at school, although he is getting very tired, as expected at the beginning of the year.
Adam and I are ok and are still not sure how much longer we will be here, so are making the most of it, finding some new places to visit. We have been to Watson's Bay twice in the past week and drove around Rose Bay and Double Bay also. Watson's Bay is gorgeous.

Our exciting news is that on Friday the OT department at the hospital loaned us a wheelchair for Adam. This is great, because although Adam can walk around ok he can't walk far, so now we can walk around together and Adam can see more and have the energy to appreciate it. We have been on walks most days, around Coogee to the bits you can only walk to and around Watson's Bay. We have more adventures on the agenda too.
My brother also arrived to attend some meetings for work on Sunday night and we have enjoyed his company the last few nights, he is leaving tomorrow afternoon. Adam seems to be a bit better the last few days as his temperature has gone completely back to normal and appetite has picked up again, maybe the extra fresh air is doing him good.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support, keep it coming, it definately helps to keep our spirits up.

Love Marian and Adam the crew at home.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All ok just busy - day + 60

Sorry for not posting for a while, but the last week or so has been very busy. Quite a few things have happened, but thankfully nothing too dramatic or unexpected. We spent the beginning of last week making the most of the our last few days together, (except Matt of course) having breakfast at a cafe in Bondi and time at the beach in the hot weather. The only hiccup was that Adam developed a mild cough and temperature, which peeked on Thursday night and he was admitted for antibiotics. Thankfully, there were no bugs found in his system, and his temperature came down quickly, so he was discharged midday Sunday. He actually felt ok the whole time and kept saying he was fine. He is doing ok just still extremely tired and physically exhausted, which is all to be expected.

Darren and Alexander flew back to Adelaide on Friday afternoon and I picked up my wonderful sister-in-law Carolyn, at the same time, who spent a few days with us. Once Adam was out of hospital again, and the weather cooled down, we did some drives and a bit of walking to check out the beautiful local scenery.

So it's just Adam and I now until they have done everything they can for us and then we might be able to come home. No idea when that might be at the moment, so we will continue to make the most of things here, trying to keep a far away track on all the business of the rest of the family at home. Thankfully Matthew is going ok at high school so far and Alex was very excited to get back to school yesterday (and so was Dad, he was driving us crazy!!!).
So please keep praying and sending all those positive thoughts so we can all hang in there.