Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day +8, getting a bit closer

Things are going ok. Temperature seems to be settling today, and other than the electrolytes in Adam's blood being low, he has been ok. Each day there is something that needs some management and the nurses are stressing about how they will get everything down his two lumen CVC line. He has not grown any new bugs so that is a good sign.
This photo is for the nurses on Brookman - check out all the lines and syringe drivers, we call the top bags jelly fish !!

Adam has been in better spirits today after a bit of a flat day yesterday. We were all a bit flat yesterday and the day was a bit miserable, weather wise. Today he sat out of bed and argued with dad about how the meccano set should go together. We will post a photo when (if) it is finished!!

Adam has been eating little bits and has done quite well food wise today. He is hungry, (as he is now on some steroids) and knows what he wants to eat, but when he gets it ofcourse it doesn't taste any good. He really wants new taste buds for Christmas. That's a bit ambitious, but if he got neutraphils (a certain type of white cells) for Christmas hopefully the taste buds will not be too far behind????

Darren and I are ok, we are still getting out to do some exercise each day and trying out the local take out restaurants. I do not think I have seen so many Thai and Japanese restaurants in my life, they are everywhere!!! Adam even ordered take out tonight!!

We are all missing Matthew and Alex but enjoying skyping them regularly. What a great invention.

Thanks for your continued love, positive thoughts and prayers, they all help. Thanks to everyone who has posted comments, if you can work out how to do that !!!
Love us

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  1. Wow look at all those pumps what a challenge! I have really enjoyed reading Adams blog as have been wondering how he is going. He seems to bedoing fantastically! How clever is he at pulling his tube out when he was asleep. It's great to see that he is eating and doesn't need it back in. Please tell him I said hi and I'm happy to see u both are keeping your sanity with exercising. Sounds like u might be sick of Thai food when u get back.
    Take care.
    cath ( brookman) :)