Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day +79 and alot brighter

Why am I brighter ??? Well I would like to say it is because we have a date to go home, but unfortunately no, but the next best thing. On Friday night Adam and I got a surprise visitor at our door ........

It was the best surprise ever, just what I needed to regain some strength to see through the rest of our time here in Sydney. This came on top of some good news on Friday from the specialists in the hospital re Adam's chest. It looks like he has just got some asthma in response to whatever viral infection he may have had a few weeks ago. So there is nothing more sinister going in his chest, which is great news.

We had a lovely weekend with Darren. We finished another, much easier, puzzle and visited Watson's Bay, again (we love it!) and even managed to go out for dinner at a nice restaurant with an outdoor dining area at Coogee (Adam's highlight for the weekend).

Adam's liver enzymes remain a concern, but maybe with the chest resolved we are a bit closer to being able to come home???
Thanks for your continued prayers they really help.
Marian and Co.

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