Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day +86 and keeping positive

Just a quick update. We have had a busy and lovely weekend catching up with my cousins that live in Sydney and some other transplant recipients we have developed a friendship with. I have also been getting more familiar with Centennial park and Queens park, for exercise purposes!

Last week was quite a busy one too as we had to move out of our lovely appartment in Coogee beach on Thursday into The Centre (the accomodation that we stayed in the first weekend we came to Sydney). It is quite comfortable and serving us well for now. Adam had more tests through the week and his liver enzymes are finally starting to very slowly decrease and some decisions were made about his unsettled chest. It looks like we may be able to think about coming home soon, which would be great.

Darren and the boys had a busy week too and seem to still be coping famously at home. The continued support from family and our church family has helped a lot. We are so thankful for all the prayers and practical support from so many, thank you all.

Hope to have more good news soon.
Marian and Adam and the crew from home.

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