Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day + 95 and HOME !!

As some of you probably already know Adam and Marian came home last Tuesday the 8th of March. We did have some indication that this might happen, but were not sure for certain until the day before. We had flexible flights so could have changed them right up to a 1/2 hour before the flight. Thankfully this was not necessary as the team in Sydney decided that, as his liver enzymes were slowly heading in the right direction and his chest/lung complications could be monitored just as well at the W&Ch, we could be looked after successfully in Adelaide for the rest of Adam's post transplant treatment. Even though we are home Adam still needs to go to the clinic 3 times per week and is still in isolation (meaning he can not go to any inside public places without a face mask and we need to generally avoid crowded places, outside and in, and contact with anyone that is unwell). So we will not be throwing a party just yet, but have managed to see some well family members.

It is wonderful to be together again as a family and share more normally the family responsibilities. Darren did a fantastic job keeping on top of things for Matthew and Alexander, and although they were very pleased and excited to see Mum and Adam, they were also both very calm and collected about it. Adam is itching to get back to school and church and normal interaction with the outside world, but we are not quite there yet. Although we are fast approaching +100 days, we are still on steroids and not looking at decreasing the anti-rejection drugs just yet, so are expecting to be in isolation for a bit longer.

As always we are very appreciative of everyones thoughts and prayers, and even although we are home, the journey is not over yet, and we continue to need your support, and we will continue to update the blog!
Love Marian, Darren, Adam, Matthew and Alexander

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